[Discuss] Next SIG meeting on February 7

Murray Strome wmstrome at shaw.ca
Tue Feb 3 04:00:40 PST 2015

I am assuming that the next SIG meeting will be this coming Saturday.

I still do not have my NAS server set up.  I tried to install Free-BSD, 
then later I tried Free-NAS.  Both of these had the problem that once 
installed, they would not connect to my LAN either through the on-board 
Ethernet connection or a separate card I installed. For now, at least, I 
have given up trying to get either of these variants of Free-BSD (I also 
tried PC-BSD with same problem). Since all of these are based upon 
Free-BSD I assume that there is something fundamental that it lacks to 
support my Ethernet devices.

My next step was to try to make the NAS-Server using Ubuntu Server 
following the directions at:

At least Ubuntu-Server, once installed, has no problem with either of 
the Ethernet connections, and it is very easy to install. However, I get 
to the point where I am supposed to Install Webmin; when I try to 
download it according to the instructions, I get a 404 error (page not 

When Cy set up a temporary NAS server at a club meeting (I think it was 
December), he set up my disks as LVM.  I watched all the tutorials on 
setting up Free-NAS but could not get very far as the system would not 
connect to the LAN.  However, throughout the tutorials and 
documentation, they tout ZFS for the file system.

I have looked at some comparisons of LVM vs ZFS but still am not clear 
on which would be best for this purpose.

If I don't succeed in getting this to work, I will probably bring the 
computer to the Club on Saturday and see what help I can get with it.

It is a newer computer than the one I brought last time.  I have a small 
(16G) IDE HD for the OS and four 3TB SATA drives for the data storage. 
After the previous session (the OS was XUbuntu, I think) I thought I 
would be able to recover the list of steps that we took by simply typing 
"history" in a terminal -- but it gave nothing so I really cannot 
remember all the steps we took.\

I am starting the installation of Ubuntu-server over again (I forgot the 
password I used when I first installed it). I will look at other sites, 
and if anyone can give me any suggestions in the meantime, I would 
appreciate it.



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