[Discuss] Questions concerning replacing the CMOS battery on my motherboard

Murray Strome wmstrome at shaw.ca
Fri Feb 6 22:20:20 PST 2015

On 2015-02-06 10:00 PM, Alan W. Irwin wrote:
> I just had a power outage (after several months with no reboots).
> Getting my principal computer rebooted was more difficult that usual
> with several ctrl-alt-del keystroke combinations required to get past
> the initial POST stage.  When there was a failure, the POST phase
> threw me into BIOS settings or just hung.  However, after 3-4 retries
> I finally got the grub prompt and everything went smoothly after that.
> One message I remember during the failed POST phases concerned
> overclocking failing. Apparently, that is often a symptom of the CMOS
> battery for the MB beginning to fail.  In any case this computer is 7+
> years old so that is long past the typical 5-year lifetime of such
> batteries so I am virtually positive the issue was caused by a failing
> BIOS battery.
> I looked up my MB manual (for ASUS P5K-V) and the CMOS battery
> is the near-universal (according to the web) CR2032 3V.
> Are there any gotchas for purchasing one of those?  When I look up
> CR2032 at ncix.com they appear to have both "Thick coin cell" and
> "coin cell" types, but are those the same?  The price certainly seems
> quite cheap; you can get a 5 pack of these for something like $10. In
> case I don't want to bother dealing with NCIX, is there a good place
> in Victoria to buy a CR2032 (or a 5-pack of those)?  My guess would be
> to try London Drugs, but if someone has a different opinion let me
> know!
> Are there any gotchas for physically replacing the battery?  Is it
> just a friction fit of some kind where you just grab the battery and
> pull it out?  Sorry for such a mundane question, but I have never done
> a computer battery replacement before.  Also note I don't want to
> power down the computer before I do a backup, write down all the BIOS
> settings, and have replacement battery in hand.  After all, the next
> power down may be the last one possible for the current battery. So
> there is little chance to actually look at how the battery is attached
> to the MB until I have done all those other things first.
> Alan
> __________________________
I have purchased those batteries at lots of places.  I think the last 
one was at All_Batteries at the Westshore Mall because I only wanted 1 
and some places only sell them in packages of two.  I am sure that they 
have them at WalMart.  You could check on-line for the prices at various 

I have quite a few things that use them. They may even have them at the 
Dollar stores. Too bad XSCargo is gone. Maybe they would be on clearance 
at Target!


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