[Discuss] Ubuntu "hangs" on laptop running Ubuntu 15.10 (and Windows 10)

Murray Strome wmstrome at shaw.ca
Tue Feb 2 03:25:15 PST 2016

This may be a little off topic, but help would be appreciated.

I have a netbook running Ubuntu and Windows 10.   It is fairly new. I 
have replaced the HD with 500G SSD drive and increased the RAM from 4 to 8G.

It "hangs" (i.e. no response from touch screen, keyboard or external 
mouse) in both Windows 10 and Ubuntu (Ubuntu seems to be a bit worse).

I have now booted into Ubuntu on an external USB thumb drive, and it has 
not hung for many hours.

Thus, I suspect there might be something wrong with the SSD drive. Any 
idea how I can verify this? It would be under warranty if it is faulty, 
but how do I prove it to the manufacturer?

Could it be something else?

I guess the next thing I can do is put the original HD back into it (or 
try to boot from that externally).

Any suggestions?


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