[Discuss] Strange behaviour in recent new install of Ubuntu 15.10

Murray Strome wmstrome at shaw.ca
Sun Feb 7 01:45:23 PST 2016

On 2016-02-02 03:16 AM, Murray Strome wrote:
> Most of the problems seem to have cured themselves: "Find" in 
> Konqueror now works (though a bit differently) and the problem with 
> the display in switching from one workspace to another has gone away. 
> However, I still cannot mount my FreeNAS LINUX share (nfs file type). 
> After a lengthy wait, I get the message:
> mount.nfs: Connection timed out
> How can I find out what is happening, why and how to correct it?
> Murray
OK the "Find" in Konqueror now works as usual (didn't do anything other 
than quit Konqueror and start it again).

And (I feel REALLY dumb!!!): I can mount the FreeNAS LINUX share --- I 
had a typo in the IP address for the FreeNAS box which I did not see no 
matter how many times I redid the command!

Thanks for all the help and advice.


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