[Discuss] Ubuntu "hangs" on laptop running Ubuntu 15.10 (and Windows 10)

Murray Strome wmstrome at shaw.ca
Sun Feb 7 05:38:40 PST 2016

I created and mounted a RAM Disk and moved the Chrome cache, generally 
following the instructions given here:

However, when I tried to execute the script, I got the message:
bash: ~/.chromecache bin/sh: bad interpreter: no such file or directory

I then just executed each line in the script manually and the 
google-chrome cache is now in my RAM Disk, which is mounted as a 
temporary file system.
so far, the system has not "hung" but will give it more time.

the script, as given in the above link is:
#for the google chrome cache
/bin/rm ~/.cache/google-chrome
/bin/mkdir /media/ramdisk/google-chrome
/bin/ln -s /media/ramdisk/google-chrome ~/.cache/google-chrome

Can anyone tell me what is wrong with the script?

On 2016-02-02 08:29 AM, Will Ballantyne wrote:
> Interesting... I just recently fixed what sounds like a similar 
> problem.  I am running Linux Mint on mine.  A very fast laptop but 
> periodically it would hang for a number of seconds (10-30s) then be 
> responsive again.  Primary drive is an SSD (256G M.2).  It appeared to 
> be related to certain disk accesses.  Nothing in the logs etc.  No 
> consistent symptoms, but small frequent disk accesses seemed to be 
> related and often (not always) triggered by Firefox.  Googling you 
> will find hanging or freezing issues happen quite a bit with SSDs.  I 
> started investigating the problem in mine and made a few changes, not 
> sure which made it go away (they are all good things to do anyway) but 
> so far no more freezes in the last couple of days, it used to happen 
> quite frequently every day:
> 1- ran the weekly fstrim job and made it daily (in /etc/cron.weekly 
> ... moved to /etc/cron.daily)
> 2- added the discard and noatime options to the mount
> 3- moved the /tmp to use tmpfs
> 4- moved the firefox cache to be in-memory only
> I had suspected power management in the SSD and will investigate that 
> if the problem reappears, but it's working well so far...
> On 16-02-02 03:25 AM, Murray Strome wrote:
>> This may be a little off topic, but help would be appreciated.
>> I have a netbook running Ubuntu and Windows 10.   It is fairly new. I 
>> have replaced the HD with 500G SSD drive and increased the RAM from 4 
>> to 8G.
>> It "hangs" (i.e. no response from touch screen, keyboard or external 
>> mouse) in both Windows 10 and Ubuntu (Ubuntu seems to be a bit worse).
>> I have now booted into Ubuntu on an external USB thumb drive, and it 
>> has not hung for many hours.
>> Thus, I suspect there might be something wrong with the SSD drive. 
>> Any idea how I can verify this? It would be under warranty if it is 
>> faulty, but how do I prove it to the manufacturer?
>> Could it be something else?
>> I guess the next thing I can do is put the original HD back into it 
>> (or try to boot from that externally).
>> Any suggestions?
>> Murray

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