[Discuss] Real internet provider in Victoria?

Darren Duncan darren at darrenduncan.net
Thu Nov 2 11:54:56 PDT 2017

On 2017-11-02 11:22 AM, Daniel AJ Sokolov wrote:
> My name is Daniel and I'm a Linux user. :-) I'm moving from Halifax to Victoria and am in ASAP need of an internet provider without volunteer limits, and ideally one that doesn't block ports or slows down my VPN.
> I don't need triple digit mbit/s, 23/2.5 mbit/s have served me well in Nova Scotia. :-)
> What can you recommend?
> I've had a look at Juce, Shaw, and Vmedia, then talked to Vmedia, but they can't say it up before Nov 14.

I've used Shaw internet continuously since 2000.

Theirs is a very competent and high quality service that is provided and 
maintained by themselves, and I recommend it to others.  Other companies also 
seem to have good service, but Shaw is the one I know from experience and you 
can't go wrong with them.

Shaw is very neutral and has no throttling; any service you want to use should 
just work.

 From their current plans https://www.shaw.ca/internet/plans/ I recommend 
Internet 75 (nee Internet 30/25) as a baseline; its normal price is $80/month 
for 75/7.5 mbits.

Normally one of the plusses of Shaw is that they're always month to month and 
don't require signing up for a plan.  That being said, they offer their top tier 
Internet 150 plan (150/15) on a 2 year plan which gives you the first whole year 
for $50/month and the second year for $85/month.  After this the monthly rate is 
$105/mo, though it used to be higher and I expect it'll drop by the time the 2 
years are up.  I'm currently on this plan, or its analogy when 150 first came 
out 15 months ago.

I don't understand your term "volunteer limits".

If you mean bandwidth limits, the 75 has one at 500GB/mo and the 150 is 
unlimited.  I do plenty of Netflix etc and I don't think I've actually gone 
beyond 100-200GB/mo in actual usage.

-- Darren Duncan

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