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Blocking port 80 incoming, meaning you can't run a service yourself on port 80 - which may be a remote access feature, and might have to be port 80 because a lot of public WiFis block most other ports.

Daniel AJ

On 2 November 2017 19:01:51 GMT-04:00, Darren Duncan <darren at darrenduncan.net> wrote:
>On 2017-11-02 3:20 PM, Daniel AJ Sokolov wrote:
>> I read that Shaw is blocking ports 25 and 80. What about other ports?
>Hmm, you raise a good point.
>A long time ago Shaw plus many other ISPs started blocking their
>from accessing port 25 on machines outside the network, in an effort to
>cut down 
>on spam or hacking.
>My long-time web/email host Victoria-based BareMetal has had this
>notice on the 
>front page of their website for years:
>"Note: Many of the local ISPS are blocking connections to SMTP servers
>of their network. If this affects you (e.g. you're having trouble
>sending mail), 
>you may need to change your email client to use the MSA port (587)
>instead of 
>the SMTP port. See http://baremetal.com/support/email_msa.html for more
>As such, I have my email clients (Thunderbird) configured to workaround
>block, and things have been fine for years.  Note that BareMetal only
>authenticated computers to send email through it, so they secure
>against being spam relays.
>Alternately, one can use port 25 to talk to the email relays Shaw
>provide, but so far I generally haven't done that.
>As for blocking port 80, I'd never heard of that, and it wouldn't make
>sense, as 
>it means we can't access any HTTP servers.
>-- Darren Duncan
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