[Discuss] Netflix and/or other streaming services on Linux?

Alan W. Irwin irwin at beluga.phys.uvic.ca
Fri Nov 3 00:51:48 PDT 2017

Thanks everyone for your contributions to the discussion so far
which has been quite educational for me.

Since it looks like Netflix is straightforward to access on Linux, I
have gone a step further and looked at Netflix TV show content, and it
turns out they give you access to a lot of shows, but they don't
happen to cover the few drama shows I am currently interested in and
their coverage of sports (I am particularly interested in baseball) is

So it turns out there is no compelling reason for me to subscribe to
Netflix now, although eventually I probably will subscribe to it for
their movies (even though I am pretty happy currently watching movies
on DVD's).  After that I will likely discover some TV drama shows they
make available that I like as well.  And I might also find a sports
streaming service that I like.  However, so far the advertisements I
have seen for such sports streaming (e.g., MLB streaming) seem
wrong-headed to me since instead of relying on Linux-friendly standard
protocols such as HTML5 they instead want you to install their special
proprietary apps (which likely do not work on Linux) on your computer
to stream their content. So it appears it is going to be quite a while
before I abandon my current rather arcane method (digital converter/TV
analog card) of watching TV shows such as Sportsnet coverage of the
Jays season (sob) and the World Series.

Alan W. Irwin

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