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Deryk Barker (Honorary Colleague) dbarker at camosun.bc.ca
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I have the Shaw150 as well, since about a year ago.

My download has once or twice hit 100Mbps when torrenting - which, as none of the switches in the house are gigabit, means that my network was the limiting factor...

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On 2017-11-02 11:54-0700 Darren Duncan wrote:

> [Shaw] offer their top
> tier Internet 150 plan (150/15) on a 2 year plan which gives you the first
> whole year for $50/month and the second year for $85/month.  After this the
> monthly rate is $105/mo, though it used to be higher and I expect it'll drop
> by the time the 2 years are up.  I'm currently on this plan, or its analogy
> when 150 first came out 15 months ago.

For the others here, further details of this offer are given at
<https://www.shaw.ca/internet/plans/> which confirms what Darren said
above for new customers, but for old customers who want to upgrade
their current speed the offer is $85/month for the first two years.
That is not that much larger than the rate we were paying before for a
25Mbs plan so we just did that upgrade to the 150/15 plan.  A Shaw
service tech came out to our house to swap in a new cable modem (at a
rental cost of $0.00/month for its lifetime) since our old modem
(which they had given us under a similar zero cost arrangement) would
have otherwise limited the speed.

The speed results at http://speedtest.shaw.ca right now for us are
94.5Mbs/16.0Mbs. I assume for this test that Shaw has done everything
in their power to make this test as local to us as possible on their
network. So it likely doesn't test general network conditions at all
and instead only tests very local Shaw network speed as well as the
speed of my ethernet connection from modem to computer.  I am happy
with the upload speed of 16.0 since that is slightly better than the
15 expected with this plan.  That download speed is less than the
expected 150Mbs, but I attribute that to our old 100BASE-T (100Mbs)
network card that is connecting the modem to our computer.  I suppose
I could replace that card with one that provided 1000BASE-T speed, but
I doubt that is worth it since I expect real download rates from real
sites will never achieve 100Mbs in any case.  For example, I am
currently getting "only" 24Mbs when downloading a tarball from
SourceForge, but there are likely less than ideal network conditions
at this time of the day so I plan to try that test again at times when
the general network should not be as busy to see what highest speed I
can achieve from SourceForge (a site I use a lot).  And only if that
approaches the 94.5Mbs above will I be interested in bothering with an
ethernet card upgrade.

Alan W. Irwin

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