[Discuss] Real internet provider in Victoria?

Darren Duncan darren at darrenduncan.net
Fri Nov 3 17:56:18 PDT 2017

One important thing to consider is the actual service provider.

As far as I know, for land-line internet, Shaw and Telus are the only actual 
physical pipe providers in town, and everyone else such as TekSavy is just 
reselling their services.  So for example, TekSavy has DSL and Cable based 
options, but if you pick the Cable one, you would need to have Shaw a hardware 
connection to use it with.

As for email addresses, I made sure all of my family stopped using ISP emails 
back in 2000, and we never looked back, so changing ISPs should have zero impact 
on our email/web/etc addresses.

Cy, you should probably find out why the @shaw email is so important to your 
wife.  If its just that lots of people know it, well the solution to that is to 
find a more permanent address and setup a forward, then give it a year or 
whatever for people to get used to the other address, and then the Shaw email 
can be dropped regardless of which ISP you use.

-- Darren Duncan

On 2017-11-03 5:36 PM, Cy Schubert wrote:
> In message, "Deryk Barker (Honorary Colleague)" writes:
>> I have the Shaw150 as well, since about a year ago.
>> My download has once or twice hit 100Mbps when torrenting - which, as none of
>>  the switches in the house are gigabit, means that my network was the limitin
>> g factor...
> I'd give TekSavy a shout. If it were just me I'd switch (my wife has an
> @shaw.ca email address which she won't give up -- I'm still working on
> her). I've heard good things about them. They don't block any ports and
> they support IPv6.
> IPv6 is important to me, primarily as it facilitates firewall testing. Shaw
> has stated to me multiple times they have no plans for IPv6 support. I've
> had to do all my IPv6 testing on my local network, using my testbed or my
> main firewall.
> On the flip side, ShawOpen is handy.
> The other thing to note about Shaw, their network isn't configured the same
> everywhere. For instance, greater packet fragmentation in some cities than
> others.

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