[Discuss] Real internet provider in Victoria?

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The trick is to use your own domain.

But you are raising a good point. Please raise it with the CRTC.

Daniel AJ

On 4 November 2017 12:01:04 GMT-04:00, "Deryk Barker (Honorary Colleague)" <dbarker at camosun.bc.ca> wrote:
>Does it not strike anyone else as strange that you can switch telephone
>providers and keep the same number, even though the technology is well
>over a century old, yet email addresses...
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>Computer Science Department
>Camosun College, Victoria BC
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>One important thing to consider is the actual service provider.
>As far as I know, for land-line internet, Shaw and Telus are the only
>physical pipe providers in town, and everyone else such as TekSavy is
>reselling their services.  So for example, TekSavy has DSL and Cable
>options, but if you pick the Cable one, you would need to have Shaw a
>connection to use it with.
>As for email addresses, I made sure all of my family stopped using ISP
>back in 2000, and we never looked back, so changing ISPs should have
>zero impact
>on our email/web/etc addresses.
>Cy, you should probably find out why the @shaw email is so important to
>wife.  If its just that lots of people know it, well the solution to
>that is to
>find a more permanent address and setup a forward, then give it a year
>whatever for people to get used to the other address, and then the Shaw
>can be dropped regardless of which ISP you use.
>-- Darren Duncan
>On 2017-11-03 5:36 PM, Cy Schubert wrote:
>> In message, "Deryk Barker (Honorary Colleague)" writes:
>>> I have the Shaw150 as well, since about a year ago.
>>> My download has once or twice hit 100Mbps when torrenting - which,
>as none of
>>>  the switches in the house are gigabit, means that my network was
>the limitin
>>> g factor...
>> I'd give TekSavy a shout. If it were just me I'd switch (my wife has
>> @shaw.ca email address which she won't give up -- I'm still working
>> her). I've heard good things about them. They don't block any ports
>> they support IPv6.
>> IPv6 is important to me, primarily as it facilitates firewall
>testing. Shaw
>> has stated to me multiple times they have no plans for IPv6 support.
>> had to do all my IPv6 testing on my local network, using my testbed
>or my
>> main firewall.
>> On the flip side, ShawOpen is handy.
>> The other thing to note about Shaw, their network isn't configured
>the same
>> everywhere. For instance, greater packet fragmentation in some cities
>> others.
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