[Discuss] Real internet provider in Victoria?

Burkhard Ott-Langer news2017 at derith.de
Sat Nov 4 11:10:34 PDT 2017

On Sat, 04 Nov 2017 13:50:04 -0400
Daniel AJ Sokolov <listclient-oU2jGMEJRY20woieUh7cGQ at public.gmane.org>

> The CRTC could mandate something akin to number portability for email
> addresses. If you are a consumer access ISP, and you offer email, you
> have to offer a free account or autoFWD for life. Easy - and very
> cheap compared to MNP.
> BR
> Daniel AJ
I don't agree Daniel and here is why:

Every ISP has a business model, in this particular case the ISP
forces (!) the customer to use his(!) services.
The CRTC should restrict that an ISP can force a customer to use one of
his services.
What did the ISP and what did the CRTC. The ISP says: It's my policy to
keep the network stable (?) and the CRTC replies "Well, not my dept. do
what you think you have top do"

IMHO, forget the CRTC, the only one who can change that behaviour is
the customer itself.

Dear ISP,

I am not willing to be forced into additional services you offer, if
you insist doing that, well I say good bye and make that also a public

Once customer figures drop, they will lower the prices, if that doesn't
help they have to lift the restrictions.

An ISP is like Canada Post, you pay for delivering packets, not for
checking if the src or dst is ok and if it is, CP delivers oterwise it
silently drops it.

If teh customer wants express delivery, then it should always be the
customers choice to sign up for additional services.
And _that_ makes the market competitive, the one with the best services
will have the most customers.


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