[Discuss] Real internet provider in Victoria?

Burkhard Ott-Langer news2017 at derith.de
Sat Nov 4 14:13:24 PDT 2017

On Sat, 4 Nov 2017 13:47:12 -0700
Craig Miller <cvmiller at gmail.com> wrote:

> Interesting. Thanks for the pointer, I hadn't realized that TekSavvy
> was throttling upstream traffic (as part of their SIR policy).
> Makes me happy I have a hosting service for 4€/month based in France 
> (www.scaleway.com), where I can serve anything I want.
> Craig...
> On 11/04/2017 10:48 AM, Burkhard Ott-Langer wrote:
> > Unfortunately, teksavvy did start filtering.
> > (https://www.teksavvy.com/en/why-teksavvy/policies/legal-stuff/internet-traffic-management-practices)
> > That is the reason I switched, they offered me turning it off if I
> > subscribe to a static IP (+ $4/month).  

Well, here is the fun part with it. They said it's their policy for
years, my wife was complaining that here email had issues sending and I
had a look, turned out port 25 blocked, so I contacted them (once I
have a little more time I make the conversation public), they came with
their policy.
So what does it tell me, they have no control over their network. If
they enable that filter on their network and it works after a few years
then within my subnet, wouldn't you agree there is something wrong on
their side?
Besides the fact that I have ethical issues with that, they lost my
trust. I contacted multiple ISPs and requested their filter policy, I
found lightspeed.ca (Burnby based) does not filter (any direction), so
I requested a written statement from them, which they made just a few
minutes later.
Then I signed up and would have gotten full refund if they filter.
I tested the most popular ones, like DNS (udp and tcp, I do zone
notifiers with acl's), smtp, IPSec etc.
I tested streaming to see of they throttle anything, turned out their
statement is and was true.
Of course, like all tech people I have a server too and it would take
me less than a minute to connect to 465/tcp for email or anything like
that in the teksavvy case, but as I mentioned before that is an ethical
issue for me.

What would one do if Canada Post decides, they only deliver packets to
you if you sign up for the superduperspecial packet service, right then
UPS or Fedex it is.
I don't try to convince anybody to switch, it's everyones personal
choice, just want to make everyone aware you all have options and it is
up to you.


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