[Discuss] Real internet provider in Victoria?

Burkhard Ott-Langer news2017 at derith.de
Sun Nov 5 15:38:41 PST 2017

On Sun, 5 Nov 2017 10:20:31 -0800
Richard James <raj-lB8+YAi5rcU+RS8kZM26tQ at public.gmane.org> wrote:

> > If you offer crappy service, you will go bankrupt.  
> Unless there is no alternative.

There is and will be always an alternative. For everything, not only
for this topic here. If you see no alternative, the basically you gave
up to solve the issue for yourself.

> > The last mile issues will still persist, even if
> > you switch. But the goal is to have a good connection/service
> > without being forced into the use of other services.  
> The last mile is the problem. No viable/cheaper alternatives.

OK, so someone has to make the connection, I think we all agree to that.
The 'someone' has to rent it to competitors
So, what will he do, he will make it either very complicated or very

Who should now obtain the right to own the last mile? Private company,
the municipality?
How fast will a public entity sell that right if it needs money, how
fast will they ask for it to have it privatized?

These cases happened already in other countries, I can't  say they
improved anything.


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