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Sun Nov 5 20:41:59 PST 2017


Some interesting ideas. Unfortunately, I don't think the current meeting
space (Rustik Cafe) will work for them, unless your Pi is battery powered.
It is just a cafe, no power, no public IP address (which is required for
the HE tunnel).

I have started another thread about alternative meeting places. Please send
any suggestions you have to that thread.


IPv6 is the future!

On Sat, Nov 4, 2017 at 6:25 PM, Burkhard Ott-Langer <news2017 at derith.de>

> Hi all,
> no idea when the next meeting is and if I can make it that day, but
> want to put just something onto the table for consideration.
> Let's have a topic for a meeting, which doesn't mean that you have to
> follow it, but maybe that might be an idea for integrating others,
> since Craig mentioned to me that there are a few Raspi users interested
> in joining.
> Let's vote for a topic/theme
> 1. (multiseries) We built out own wifi AP using a Raspi
> (beneficial if you can bring a Raspi in, I can bring mine)
> or
> 2. We finally get our lazy ass off and setup IPv6 via he.com, so we can
> use it then later from home and run dual stack at home everywhere.
> and/or
> on the Raspi from 1.
> 3. We extend our raspi (AP as IPv6 router and DHCPv6 or something
> similar)
> [ your topic here ]
> Just an idea. All comments/critics welcome.
> cheers,
> -B
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